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 Gatlin Education approached us to convert an in-classroom course into a e-learning course for Brooke Transportation.

Brooke Transportation’s top-selling freight broker training class was losing sales because the company’s training program was based in DFW, and unable to attract students outside of driving distance. Brooke Transportation approached Gatlin Education, an e-learning industry expert, to convert their popular course into an online class as a solution for remote students. Because of Gatlin Education’s past experience with Brainband, they asked us to build an interactive online course for Brooke Transportation while they took over the marketing and hosting of the course.

The most challenging aspect of the project was that it was already a well-established weeklong course, originally designed to be taught in person. It required special attention to convert this in-class course into a compelling online course, especially given the time constraints. Fortunately, our outstanding creative team assembled with industry subject matter experts, and produced a top-selling course.

In just five months and on a modest budget, we built an innovative and entertaining e-learning course that spiked Brooke Transportation’s exposure to potential students. Built in Flash, we created an animated teacher modeled after Jeff Roach, founder of Brooke Transportation, to guide students through the learning modules. We also created Major, a Flash-based animated semi-truck, to assist in the “class room” learning.

The final product was touted as “better than the classroom course” by Brooke Transportation’s owner, and continues to be one of the top-selling courses provided by Gatlin Education.

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