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Friday, 29 February 2008
The Elearning CenterGatlin Education, an e-learning industry expert, wanted to use their distribution network to expand and sell other vendor’s courses.

After successfully developing and selling their own e-learning courses into universities and businesses across the country, they were looking to take the next step. Gatlin Education wanted to be THE source for online courses, somewhat line an for e-learning, so they approached Brainband to help strategize and implement a solution.

Initially, the owner thought he wanted to host and run other vendor’s courses. However, our research found that running other vendors courses would not be profitable, and suggested a way for him to simply sell those other courses though a website separate from the Gatlin Education website.

In order to make this idea a reality, we built the E-Learning Center, a website with course descriptions and an e-commerce order tracking system, giving users and easy way to purchase any of the 5,000+ courses in one of 13 languages. Next, we built and internal database which made it possible for merely a few employees of Gatlin Education to manage the courses on their own.

We predicted the universities and businesses offering courses through Gatlin would want control over the web content, since the E-Learning Center would be selling their name and products. With no realistic way to create just one website to make that many people happy, we offered each university and business a “skin” so that they would each have their “own” E-Learning Center, and would be branded to look consistent with their unique identity. We also made it easy for the universities and businesses to pick and choose which courses they offered, making it easy for them to customize their class selection. Finally, we created and SEO marketing plan for Gatlin, which dramatically increased the E-Learning Center’s rankings in search engines.

In short, we built a relational database where just a few people can manage over 5,000 courses for over 300 universities and businesses. The database is so easy to customize and manage, it is now in its third iteration, and even spawned an international version.

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