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Thursday, 14 February 2008
Harwood website Harwood International owned a large office tower with a restaurant in the bottom floor, which serviced four neighboring towers.

Harwood wanted to offer wireless Internet in the restaurant and also wanted to convert the restaurant’s registers to a wireless system, allowing for reconfiguration of the space for nighttime events. As it was, no patrons had access to Internet or email for business lunches, and the stationary registers were an eye sore at evening events. In addition to the wifi in the restaurant, Harwood wanted Internet installed into the executive suites of the office building, under the condition that no wires or antenna would show.

Once we surveyed the area, we installed wifi equipment, managed the internet vendors, wired and tested the system, and also trained the restaurant personnel so that they were comfortable moving the registers out for the night, and setting them up again in the mornings. In addition, we gave them a creative compact server room, which still allowed for an employee workspace – a space that was under-utilized and virtually ignored up to that point. As soon as the wifi launched, tenets from surrounding office towers gladly lunched at the restaurant for business meetings. Having the freedom to move out registers at night proved to be highly valuable, and made the space more appealing for hosting evening events. Naturally, the executives immediately began using their wifi in the executive suites.

Not long after the launch of the wireless network, Harwood ran into technological trouble. We were brought back in to diagnose what was knocking out the wireless Internet system that had previously worked so well. After much confusing investigation, we finally discovered that the problem was not faulty equipment or an unreliable ISP. It was a denial of service that caused active jamming of Harwood’s wifi. As it turned out, another tenant's network was attacking and shutting down Harwood’s wifi network. What are the odds?

Needless to say, we resolved the issue and had the network back up and running in no time at all. If you ever need a great spot for a business lunch in the Dallas area, try Marie Gabrielle. We hear the wireless Internet there is great!

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