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Thursday, 31 January 2008
Blogfusion Website With a rising popularity in social media outlets, Brainband wanted to create something to stand apart from other products and software.

We developed BlogFusion, a blog software that allows users to build and develop blog communities, rather than merely facilitate and individual blog. The unique sense of community that BlogFusion offers allows multiple people bloging on a similar subject to have their posts aggregated on a single portal web page.

Originally purchased as a Cold Fusion blog in 2006, today’s version of BlogFusion is a quick, exciting way to get any community up and running, for a fraction of the cost that Facebook, or similar applications cost. One feature unique to BlogFusion is the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds for specific communities and categories, giving blogers access to a world of people passionate about a common subject. So, rather than subscribing to a dozen individual blogs that may or may not post something of interest to the user, BlogFusion allows direct feeds to entire communities devoted to a particular subject. It also allows RSS feeds for specific key words, so users never have to filter through excessive information to find what interests them.

While many users will prefer to find communities to contribute to, other users will want to proactively create their own communities. BlogFusion offers a fully customizable interface, which allows for any user to make their community private or global. In just a few minutes, and with a only few mouse clicks, BlogFusion gives users the complete infrastructure to easily start up a new community.

We think everyone can find a use for BlogFusion and community bloging: internal corporate communications, vintage Mustang enthusiasts, Lego maniacs, hot-sauce lovers – the list of virtual “communities” is endless.

We are very proud of BlogFusion, and continue to develop and improve it every month. Check out who is already using BlogFusion by clicking the links below:

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