Brainband Technology Services is a technical services company that provides information technology consulting, web application development, multi-media production services, web hosting and wireless internet connectivity.

Specializing in online course development, Brainband has built learning management systems and comprehensive training courseware that is used in over 600 colleges across the world. The company provides an entire functioning package including counseling on authoring tools and hosting servers for course delivery.

  • History
    Founded in 1986 as James W. Bandy Inc., Brainband was formed after information technology industry veterans James Bandy and Dave Livingston partnered on projects for seven years, finally formalizing their partnership as Bandy Livingston Holdings in February 2005. The name Brainband was adopted in 2007.
  • Quotes
    “Our mission is to create online courses that effectively train individuals and organizations at an affordable price.” – James Bandy, Brainband co-founder and president

    “We built our business model on a strong sense of ethics and technical competence, so that we consistently provide the best customer service and value possible. Our approach is to use our resources efficiently to keep our customers’ costs down and at the same time produce the big results that keep them coming back.” – Dave Livingston, Brainband co-founder and chief technology officer

Our Team

Jim Bandy
Jim is the President and co-founder of Brainband Technology Services. Brainband is an IT company providing outsourced corporate IT services, sophisticated website development, Internet-based educational course development, and integrated blogging applications. Jim is responsible for overseeing the planning and operation of all services provided by Brainband, and provides the strategic direction for growth of the company.

With over 34 years experience on the technology industry, Jim held numerous executive positions with companies such as SofTech Microsystems, Graphic Software Systems, and Texas Instruments. At SofTech Microsystems, Jim help develop and expand one of the original operating systems for the IBM PC. At Texas Instruments, he lead the development of an office productivity suite (email, spreadsheet, word processing, database, and financial planning pre-dating Visicalc or Lotus 123 by several years) and distributed and supported them throughout the corporation. From 1988 - 2004, Jim ran his own IT consulting firm which was notable for the development of a document processing language used to prepare tens of thousands of complex legal documents (e.g. residential loan closing packages) per month. This system is still utilized in its original form by several large Texas law firms.

Jim has a Bachelor degree from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Southern California.

Jim is married with two children. He is an amateur astronomer and astrophotographer. A former USAF pilot, Jim built multiple aircraft in his free time.

Dave Livingston
As CTO of Brainband, Dave Livingston is responsible for overseeing all technology and production. He strives to provide his clients with seamless technology solutions across a wide range of IT services.

With more than ten years of information technology and management experience, Dave possesses a wide-ranging knowledge of the technology industry, including web development, wireless solutions, networking and technology infrastructure. Dave accumulated his experience working in the insurance, communications, real estate, e-learning, as well as technology industries.

While in the real estate industry, Dave built several internal web applications for Lincoln Property Company and First Worthing, as well as programmed a tracking and property management software specifically tailored for Trammel Crow Residential Services. For Harwood International, he managed the implementation of a wireless Internet technology system, which reached executive offices as well as an on-site restaurant shared by neighboring office towers. Dave’s prior experience also includes programming e-commerce web applications for the YUM/Pizza Hut and Dr. Phil websites.

In 2002 Dave co-founded the Dallas/Ft. Worth Wireless users Group, which promotes the acceptance and use of wireless technology. He also speaks regularly at user group and technology shows on the topics of wireless, programming, security and emerging technologies. Dave has been interviewed by many publications and news outlets, and recently published an article in Cold Fusion Developers Journal.

In his off time, he enjoys being Scoutmaster of Troop 806 in Richardson, Texas.


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